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Hi Judy! 


I just wanted to send you a new picture of Ziggy. Hard to believe he is 16 weeks today! He went to the groomer for the first time and now looks SO different. He is an amazing puppy. Our vet and trainer agree that he is a rock star of a puppy. Our trainer has 3 goldendoodles and tells us every time we see him that we "got a good one, for sure." Ziggy is super smart and loving. He has all sorts of energy but with the help of the trainer, Ziggy has really learned when to be crazy and when to be calm. We literally couldn't have asked for a better puppy! Thank you so much for giving him such an amazing start!!


Kristy & Caroline

Meet Ziggy

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Meet Lulu

My family and I purchased our puppy at the beginning of the 2020 pandemic.  The litter was born January 23, 2020 and fittingly, being so close to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, were named after abolitionists.  Judy was so easy to contact, work with and allowed us to visit prior to pick-up to see if we could find a good fit for our family. 

Our hearts fell in love with Susan B. Anthony, a.k.a., Lulu Mendelssohn!  Prior to pick-up, Judy even sent us a picture of Lulu on my daughter's birthday, which made my daughter's day. 

Lulu fits our family of five perfectly. During the pandemic, she took very little time to train and provided us with lots of entertainment and comfort.  She is athletic, intelligent, loyal, friendly and an amazing cuddle buddy.  She loves everyone who visits and listens very well to commands.  It did take us a while to get her first haircut, as every groomer was closed down in the State, but now she loves her days at the beauty salon.  She also sheds very little.

Lulu loves to watch the birds in our backyard and occasionally presents us with a gift on the front porch, but she is very gently with our family cat.  She also loves to swim, go for walks, play fetch, talk (bark) back to her parents and wrestle with her dad.  She loves the cold, Michigan winters and simply being with her family indoors or out.  During the pandemic, she was the perfect edition to our family!


~ Lulu's Family

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Meet Liza

Just wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and fill you in on Liza. She has been a God send for me. She is a real cuddle puppy. 

As you know I had back surgery shortly after she came home. I fainted in the hallway in the middle of the night and when I woke up she was lying beside me licking my face. I then managed to get Covid and she has been by my side nonstop. 

She is a typical high energy puppy but she couldn’t be more loved.

Hope you are having a good holiday season and thank you again for our wonderful puppy❤️


Hi Judy 😊

It is nice to hear from you! 

Molly is doing great! She is a very sweet and lovable pup! Can’t get enough of her adorable little face and disposition! She is very spoiled!! ❤️


The nights have been good. Being, I’m working from home she has been amazingly good, as she lays next to my side or on my foot! Lol! That has been such a blessing! 





Meet Molly

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We do try to get her out for a walks/ run around the yard to get the energy out, especially before bed time. It has been helping! 


Once potty training is 💯 and puppy teeth fall out, we will be “golden”! 


Thank you so much for reaching out! My family is so happy and grateful we found you! 😀


The Stanek family 💕



Marley is a fluffy, fun, cuddly polar bear. She loves going on adventures in the woods, but she is just as happy snuggling up to watch a movie. The Rays were easy to work with and got Marley off to a great start.



Meet Marley

Pinky turned two yesterday. He loves everyone and every dog that come near. 



Meet Pinky