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Meet Camilla 
Meet Bailey

Bailey has been amazing!

When we decided to get our dream Doodle, we could not  have made a better choice in her Breeders and her as a puppy.  They were amazing in letting us get to know her when she was too little to come home and be able to ask any questions we were unsure of after she was trying to settle in to her new environment.  She is amazing. We love her temperament, and her coat is perfect. She is the perfect family addition.


We couldn't imagine the past year without her 


My husband and I received our little bundle of joy from Andi and Coby's 12/5/16 litter. The Rays named all the puppies after Muppet characters and my husband refers to me as Pepe' from The Muppets on a regular basis, so it seemed like fate that we get a dog from them. We heard about Andi Goldendoodle from my mom's boss, who got her dog there from the previous litter. We picked Camilla out of the bunch, and she has yet to disappoint us!  Sure she had accidents, jumps, barks, nibbles on us, and our clothes, but the amount of love she gives us is beyond comprehension.

Working with Judy and Mike was a pleasure as well. They let us come out to their home to interact with the dogs on numerous occasions. They kept us updated with pictures and videos of the puppies as well. It was so simple and relaxed dealing with them. You can tell they have a relationship with each and every one of the puppies, and they are well taken care of before they come home with you. They interact with them and get them socialized with people of all ages.  We would highly recommend adding an Andi Goldendoodle to your family!

-Stefanie and Matt

Meet Cooper

We can’t imagine our home without him


Cooper (formerly known as Kermit) is doing wonderfully.  He is the sweetest boy – he’s eager to please, very smart, very affectionate, likes to take walks and loves to attend day camp to play with all of his buddies. We continue to work on his “grass eating,” every time he goes outside he grabs a few mouthfuls.  Thank you so much for trusting us to adopt Cooper and for making the process so easy.  We would highly recommend you to anyone searching for their special furry friend!  We attached a few pictures so you can see how he’s grown!


Meet Murphy

Murphy is the best dog ever!   

We had been looking for a goldendoodle for two months & wanted to surprise our children with a puppy. A friend put us in contact with Judy, whose Golden Retriever, Andi, had pups in early December. After several texts & exchanges of photos of the litter, we asked if we could see them after Christmas. Judy & her husband Mike were very accommodating & our children were excited. We went to their home & met the mom & the litter. You could tell the family loves dogs & we're very caring & interested in what we were looking for. After that visit, we decided we wanted one of their puppies as our new family member. We've recently visited Judy & her family again & picked our forever friend! So excited to bring him home! We would highly recommend Judy & Andi's Goldendoodles!   



Meet Baxter

We absolutely adore our Baxter


If you are looking for the most loving, cute, cuddly dog get one of these. They will look just like him.If you are looking for the most loving, cute, cuddly dog get one of these. We absolutely adore our Baxter. They will look just like him.


Pinky turned two yesterday. He loves everyone and every dog that come near. 


Meet Pinky
Meet Dot
Meet JJ

Marley is a fluffy, fun, cuddly polar bear. She loves going on adventures in the woods, but she is just as happy snuggling up to watch a movie. The Rays were easy to work with and got Marley off to a great start.


Meet Marley
Meet Monty


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