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Meet Minnie

Mini Hair Bows.JPG
Mini Drinko.JPG

Hi Judy! 


" . . . We can't thank you enough for giving us our best friend. We are just bursting with joy for Miss Minnie. We loved your process and could not have asked for a better match for our family. Truly, you have changed our lives and added to our happiness in ways we could not imagine. "

--Thomas and Maddy

Meet Remi

Hi Judy!

" . . . . Just wanted to let you know that Remi is doing really well! She loves playing with her toys! Just wanted to say that I am very thankful for her and for you giving her to me! I am so grateful!! Thanks again!!"



"Hi Judy 😊

It is nice to hear from you! 

Molly is doing great! She is a very sweet and lovable pup! Can’t get enough of her adorable little face and disposition! She is very spoiled!! ❤️


The nights have been good. Being, I’m working from home she has been amazingly good, as she lays next to my side or on my foot! Lol! That has been such a blessing! 



Meet Molly

Molly taking a nap from Gold Pups Ohio
Molly home from Gold Pups Ohio


We do try to get her out for a walks/ run around the yard to get the energy out, especially before bed time. It has been helping! 


Once potty training is 💯 and puppy teeth fall out, we will be “golden”! 


Thank you so much for reaching out! My family is so happy and grateful we found you! 😀


The Stanek family 💕"


Meet Marley

Marley is a fluffy, fun, cuddly polar bear. She loves going on adventures in the woods, but she is just as happy snuggling up to watch a movie. The Rays were easy to work with and got Marley off to a great start.


Marley is so fluffy from Gold Pups Ohio

Meet Lily

Lily is a happy dog and a quick learner from Gold Pups Ohio
Lily comes highly recommended from Gold Pups Ohio

Hi Judy,

I cannot even begin to express the joy I have gotten from my beautiful Lily. She is such a happy puppy and a quick learner. Lily and I live with my son and his family and she is great around the children and their friends. I would recommend you as a breeder to anyone who is looking for a golden doodle puppy. You were so easy to work with. Thank you again for Lily.


Meet Jack

What Marilyn has to say:

"I am completely satisfied with this entire experience. We received first rate customer service and support throughout this  process. Our puppy was given vaccinations and veterinary care from day one. We were given a private meet and greet, and pick up appointment to suit our needs and time schedule. When we picked him up, we received copies of his parents pedigrees along with a comfort gift to help him transition. A year and a half later, hands down, no regrets!"

cute jack.jpg

He is the sweetest, kindest, goofball of a dog that I've ever met. He loves everyone, every dog, such a happy boy!

goofy jack.jpg
carrot jack.jpg
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