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Hi! I'm Judy Ray. I'm mom to four grown children and their partners. I'm grandma to the four most beautiful little people in the world! 

I grew up in Geauga County, and Golden Puppies Ohio is the fulfillment of a life long dream! With a somewhat empty nest, I can turn my love and attention to my fur babies and their puppies!

Our Philosophy

Dogs are beloved members of our families. They should have their start that way! Mama dogs live with us their entire lives. Their babies are hand delivered and handled daily. Our puppies live in our living room, watch TV on our laps, and are well acquainted with the rhythm of a typical family. Puppies are part of our family until they're ready to be a part of  your family!

Our Goal

We aspire to provide healthy, well-socialized puppies for years of love and companionship.

Our puppies are not the cheapest available. Our parent dogs are screened for health problems that can be passed on to their offspring. We feed a high quality diet. The puppies are vet checked, microchipped, and immunized. We invest hours in the care and handling of our puppies, employing Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS).

We take time, effort, and heart to give pups a good start, to provide you with the best possible addition to your family. We have a moral obligation to ensure the pups have good homes with people who will give them all the love and attention they need. Before a family is added to a waiting list, we'll need to know what our puppy's life would be like if we were to place one with you.

Adding a furry family member is an exciting time. Our goal is to make the entire experience a joyful one!

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