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Puppy Adoption Agreement & Health Guarantee


This contract is between Judith A Ray, (hereinafter referred to as “Breeder”) and ______________, (hereinafter referred to as “Buyer”).


Address of Buyer: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________


Buyer’s Phone: __________________________________________Buyer’s Email: __________________________________________________


Breeder agrees to sell Buyer a ___________________________________________________________________________________________

                                                                                                (puppy breed)


Born on: _________________________ Pick up date: _________________________For the sum of $_________________________________


  1. The Buyer agrees to provide a life-long commitment, comfortable environment, prompt medical attention, proper grooming and responsible care. This includes keeping this puppy/dog parasite free and up to date with inoculations and proper nutrition which consists of a good quality professional feed given at regular intervals, and fresh water available at all times. The Buyer promises to provide a safe environment for the puppy/dog, and never allow the dog to roam freely without proper fencing or supervision.

  2. The Breeder guarantees this puppy/dog to be of sound health at the time of this sale. A health record of all shots and/or worming will be provided by the Breeder. The Buyer agrees to take this puppy/dog to a licensed veterinarian of their choice within two (2) business days from Pick-up Date (hereinafter referred to as “Examination Period”) for a physical examination. Should the puppy/dog be determined to be in ill health such that the puppy/dog is unfit for purchase, upon a signed written diagnosis from said licensed veterinarian to that effect dated within the Examination Period, (hereinafter referred to as “Veterinarian’s Certification”), the Buyer may elect one of the three following remedies:

    1. ​Return the puppy/dog to Breeder for a refund of the purchase price and receive a reimbursement of reasonable veterinarian fees directly related to the Veterinarian’s Certification

    2. The right to return the puppy/dog and to receive an exchange puppy/dog of the Buyer’s choice of equivalent value (providing that a replacement puppy/dog is available) as well as reasonable veterinary costs directly related to the Veterinarian’s Certification, or

    3. The right to retain the puppy/dog and to receive reimbursement from the Breeder for veterinary services from a licensed veterinarian of the Buyer’s choosing, for the purpose of curing or attempting to cure the puppy/dog, subject to the limits herein contained. The reasonable value of reimbursable services rendered to cure or attempting to cure the puppy/dog shall not exceed the purchase price of the puppy/dog. The value of such services is reasonable if comparable to the value of similar services rendered by other licensed veterinarians in proximity to the treating veterinarian. Such reimbursement shall not include the costs of initial veterinary examination fees and diagnostic fees not directly related to the Veterinarian’s Certification. In no event shall Breeder be responsible for reimbursement for veterinary services in excess of the Purchase Price.

  3. ​If the puppy/dog should develop a severe genetic disease before its first birthday and can no longer function as a pet/companion animal, the Breeder will replace at no charge with a comparable puppy/dog. The puppy/dog will be replaced either from the same litter or from a future litter. A letter from a licensed veterinarian stating the problem found and the veterinarian’s opinion of the viability of the animal must be sent to the Breeder within 15 days of diagnosis. The Breeder will have final say on whether the original puppy/dog must be returned or not. All the veterinarian bills and returned shipping fees are the responsibility of the Buyer and will not be accepted by the Breeder.

  4. Although Breeder is very careful to breed puppies/dogs with superb temperament, no guarantees are given regarding your puppy’s/dog’s temperament.

  5. If at any time the Buyer can no longer retain possession of this puppy/dog, the Breeder is to be notified and given first option of resuming full ownership of the puppy/dog in order for the Breeder to locate this puppy/dog a new home. Refunds, if any, will be at the sole discretion of the Breeder. The puppy/dog will be returned with all AKC papers (if applicable) and medical records. Should any circumstances arise that affect the quality of life of the puppy/dog, the Breeder is to be informed so that they may participate in determining the future of the puppy/dog. Under no circumstances will this puppy/dog be sold, leased, traded, or given away to any pet shop, research laboratory, animal shelter or similar facility.

  6. The Buyer agrees to contact the Breeder immediately if any questions or concerns arise about the puppy/dog, such as housing, diet, or health. The Buyer agrees to keep the Breeder informed of any treatment as it occurs. This provides the Breeder with an opportunity to follow up on puppies and gives the Breeder important feedback and information regarding the health of the puppies/dogs for future generations.

  7. Registration papers (if applicable) will either be provided at the time of sale of the puppy or transferred to the Buyer immediately upon receipt from AKC if they are still being processed. It is understood at the time of sale that this is a pet quality puppy/dog, and it is representative of its breed. Training classes are highly recommended for a happy relationship between the puppy/dog and family.

  8. If any action or failure to act on the part of Buyer shall result in any claim, suit, loss, damage, injury, death, or liability, Buyer agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold Breeder harmless and to pay all of the Breeder’s costs and expenses, including reasonable legal fees, and any amount paid in settlement and any award or judgement with respect thereto. Buyer releases Breeder from any and all liability, costs or damages caused by the puppy/dog after placement with Buyer, including but not limited to damages to or destruction of property, and injury to any person.

  9. This Agreement represents the entire agreement between the parties. Breeder and Buyer have made no other agreements, promises, representations or warranties, express or implied, unless specifically stated in this Agreement.

  10. The preceding paragraphs contain conditions established by the Breeder to ensure the well being of the puppy/dog. The Buyer’s covenants will continue for the duration of the puppy’s/dog’s life and the Breeder will have the right to enforce the covenants.


I have read the above Agreement and understand and agree with the terms set forth in this document. I also understand that this is a binding contract and will abide by the terms we have agreed upon. I acknowledge my acceptance of this Agreement with my signature below.

Purchase price of the puppy/dog is paid in full.


Agreed to this date: _________________________________________





Judith A Ray (Breeder)




                                                                                Signature (Buyer)




(Buyer Print Name)

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