Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Do you have any puppies available?

    • Puppies are available approximately twice a year. The waiting list for the next upcoming litter opens when the mother's cycle is due. The only way to know when the next list starts is to contact us, if it's not already posted on the website. The waiting list grows quickly.​

  • How can I reserve a puppy?

    • In order to be placed on the waiting list, I need to have some idea of what the puppy's life would be like if I were to place one with you. I don't accept deposits until I'm relatively sure the mother is pregnant.

  • If I'm on the waiting list, am I guaranteed a puppy?

    • There are no guarantees in life! Mother Nature is the boss here! If I've accepted a deposit from you, you have every reason to expect you'll be taking a puppy home (barring a breeding tragedy). If I haven't accepted a deposit, we won't know for sure until the pups are born.

  • How big do they get?

    • Eighty pounds! These are big dogs who need plenty of exercise, especially when they're young.

  • How much?

    • $2000 each ($250 deposit which is part of the $2000)

  • Can I get full registration?

    • Full registration is available for Golden Retrievers for an additional fee. Puppy will need to have DNA panel done before breeder will release full registration. 

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