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The Mamas . . .


Getting rescued from the pool!

Tchaikovsky Latte is our beautiful English Cream girl. Her PennHIP numbers are good and her DNA is cleared for the Golden Retriever panel. She's sweet and soft, and gives lots of kisses!


Relaxing with a bone AFTER getting rescued from the pool!

Rachi in yard (2).jpg

Rachmaninoff Road will be a new mom. Her DNA has been cleared, so we can be confident she won't pass on any typical genetic faults to her puppies. She's really smart and amazingly calm for a young dog! She loves the grandchildren and is friendly with people and other animals. She loves to catch and eat ice cubes and watch TV in the evenings!

Playtime with the grandkids!

. . . and the Papas!

DArcy too.jpg

D'Arcy's DNA is cleared for the Golden Retriever panel. In addition, he has excellent PennHIP numbers and his elbows are cleared. He's a gorgeous English Cream Golden Retriever. He is the laid back king of his castle! He's sweet and friendly and sires beautiful, healthy puppies.


Shaolin Kempo Kiai is a four year old AKC toy Poodle. He is very sweet, happy and energetic. He loves everyone, especially children!

All parents are healthy and AKC registered

with leaf (2).jpg

Mendelssohn is our retired queen!


She's produced many beautiful puppies for happy families!

beast f1.jpg
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