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    The cutest puppies from Gold Pups Ohio puppies featured in American Greeting Cards.

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    English Cream Golden Retrievers


    F1 Mini Goldendoodles

    raised and loved in our home

    Our puppies have modeled for 

    American Greetings!

    Rachi will be a new mom. Her DNA has been cleared, so we can be confident she won't pass on any typical genetic faults to her puppies. She's really smart and amazingly calm for a young dog! She loves the grandchildren and is friendly with people and other animals. Gold Pups Ohio

    Rachi is ready to be a mama! She and Kiai will begin their romance shortly! We're just waiting for her next season.


    We're hoping for a litter of mini Goldendoodles this summer, with a litter of English Cream Golden Retrievers following next winter. Watch this website for timing and details!

    Kiai is a sweet little toy Poodle we picked out to sire Rachi's litter of mini Doodles.

    Doodle Puppies!!!


    Goldendoodles have the disposition of a golden retriever without the shedding!!

    Momma teaching goldendoodle pups to play at Gold Pups Ohio.
    I'm the boss here at Gold Pups Ohio.
    Puppies so cute that they are on greeting cards at Gold Pups Ohio.

     ©AGC LLC

    Nap time at Gold Pups Ohio.

    Gentle dispositions and a desire to please!

    We're the cutest puppies for sale at Gold Pups Ohio.
    It's hard being this cute of a goldendoodle puppy at Gold Pups Ohio.
    Getting on the waiting list reserves your spot in line to choose the puppy you love!

    pics of past litters:

    Elsa playing ball from Gold Pups Ohio.
    come play with us at Gold Pups Ohio.
    Beast loves his roses at Gold Pups Ohio.

    Mendelssohn's grown puppies

    Camilla came from Gold Pups Ohio.
    Baxter at 1 year from Gold Pups Ohio.
    Pinky is 2! From Gold Pups Ohio.
    Lulu loves her ball from Gold Pups Ohio
    Marley is a cute puppy from Gold Pups Ohio
    Luna is lovely from Gold Pups Ohio
    Willow is ready for a nap at Gold Pups Ohio
    Willow playing with her toys from Gold Pups Ohio
    Ziggy ready for more fun at Gold Pups Ohio
    Regal is all that! From Gold Pups Ohio
    Just hanging on the couch today from Gold Pups Ohio
    Just chillin from Gold Pups Ohio.
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